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Our photography has appeared in many places. Images of cargo ships have been used for the 'Safe Passage: The Straits of Singapore and Malacca', a pamphlet launched at the International Maritime Organization. Other images capturing the beauty of nature have appeared in the Phuket Gazette, and an image of an English breakfast appeared in an article promoting low-cholesterol diets.

Graphic Art

Recognised publications such as The Atlantic have used our graphic imagery to accompany articles, such as this composite concept (click the link below).
Our approach to such work involves a combination of boundless imagination and the philosophy that simplicity is the highest form of sophistication.

Graphic Art 2

Our photos, our graphics and our photos combined with symbolic colours have been used by writers who have found that the imagery complements and enhances the message they wish to convey in an eye-catching and tasteful manner, as we see in this second example (click the link below).

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