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29 years of experience with maritime transport regulatory, operational and commercial issues


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Widely quoted and published in the maritime press, Thomas Timlen of ZIAglobal has written for many periodicals including BreakBulk Magazine, American Shipper, and Port Technology. Whilst a recognised expert on matters of maritime security, Thomas has also been involved with a wide range of other maritime topics including environmental protection and seafarer's rights.


As a Visiting Research Fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore, Thomas Timlen of ZIAglobal penned a widely referenced study on the use of Ship Security Alert Systems. Prior to that he was responsible for studies on the treatment of seafarers and implementation of the ISPS Code. In 2016 he evaluated claims regarding the credibility of piracy reports.

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Amongst other designations, ZIAglobal's Thomas Timlen has served as the Company Security Officer (CSO) Alliance's Asia Ambassador, BIMCO's Asia Liaison Officer, IMB's Special Advisor at various IMO, WCO, ASEAN, and SMOU meetings, conferences and exhibitions.

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